Ice cream from the pastry shop

Ideal for birthdays and other celebrations, with a broad range of our very own ice creams and ice cream cakes. Our chefs attach great importance to variety, hence our ever-changing range of more than 25 different ice cream varieties.


Sweet temptation

We have a huge repertoire of sweet specialities, ranging from Dresdner Eierschecke to Black Forest or SchillerGarten gâteaux. Next time you visit the SchillerGarten, take a look at our cake counter!

Pastry shop & café

Our own pastry shop

Our pastry shop provides all the sweet treats you could need. You can look forward to more than our daily range of cakes, gâteaux and ice creams – our pastry chefs also create sweet temptations you will find hard to resist!

These always include the SchillerGarten gâteau, our Eierschecke and various cakes made with fresh fruits of the season. The cakes and gâteaux we sell never stay the same, so it is definitely worth taking a look at our cake counter in the taproom every time you drop in. 

The ice cream lovers among you will be spoilt for choice, with our range of more than 25 varieties of home-made ice cream. You can choose from a wide range of sundaes or simply order your favourite flavour, either in the pastry shop or from our streetside counter right by Schillerplatz.


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